Moving equipment not patients
Moving equipment not patients

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By using the latest digital technology, Mobile Medical Diagnostics provides a community-based and flexible radiology services solution, resulting in improved access to diagnostic services for healthcare facilities nationwide.

MMD - Mobile Medical Diagnostics | On Demand X-ray Service

On-Demand X-ray Service

Working with Nursing Homes and Homecare providers, we arrive on-site and perform an X-ray examination of a client in their own room or a designated room.

MMD - Mobile Medical Diagnostics | Services

On-Site X-ray Department

Working with primary care centres, hospitals and healthcare providers nationwide, we set up an X-ray department, including equipment and staff, for a half-day, day or number of days per week

MMD - Mobile Medical Diagnostics | Benefits of Our Service

The benefits of our service

You will find information relating to the estimated radiation dose at You can also contact us for the specific radiation dose associated with a procedure.


Mobile X-rays performed to date
Emergency Department Transfers Prevented
1 %
Consultant Radiologist reports delivered within 4 hours
100 %
Data correct as of 5/3/2024

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