Solutions for tomorrow delivers mobile X-ray units to Mobile Medical Diagnostics

Solutions for tomorrow delivers mobile X-ray units to Mobile Medical Diagnostics, the only authorised on demand X-ray service company in UK and Ireland.

Solutions for tomorrow have signed a distribution agreement with Irish company Mobile Medical Diagnostics Ltd that provide a high-quality service to clients in primary care centres, nursing homes and healthcare providers nationwide. They are the only fully authorised mobile radiology service in Ireland and soon launching in the UK.  The company have grown and now thereare 6 vans operating currently and will soon have full coverage nationwide. 

Solutions for tomorrow has just delivered four !M1x mobile X-ray units and three !Mobile wall stand to Mobile Medical Diagnostics. 

“We love this new collaboration with Mobile Medical Diagnostics,” says Solutions for tomorrow CEO Mattias Guldstrand. “It feels amazing to start working with a company that 100% shares our vision of patient centered diagnostics and future of healthcare. Both of the companies were created to take X-ray wherever patients are and together we can achieve great things. We believe that our work together will help us to improve our product and deliver even better mobile solutions”.  

This mobile X-ray service is delivering clear benefits to older patients and is avoiding unnecessary attendance at Emergency Departments. This is a very good example of how new ways of working can enable us to better respond to the health needs of our older patients. Promoting care in the community for older people and improving access to services is a priority for the health service in Ireland. There are real benefits in bringing this service to older patients whomay not be able to travel easily to a hospital.

Mobile Medical Diagnostics is an Irish owned and operated company that provide a high-quality mobile X-ray service nationwide.

Solutions for tomorrow is a Swedish med-tech company dedicated to making advanced medical imaging available whenever and wherever patients need it. The company has established itself as a market leader in Scandinavia and has seen strong growth across North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, contact Anna Kowalska at

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